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Dad Prep

Responsibility begins before conception.

While prospective fathers do not experience the body changes and sometimes the discomfort or more serious medical complications of pregnancy, they do have an important role to play.  Researchers have found that fathers or male partners that were understanding, available and willing to learn about the pregnancy process provided the best emotional and physical support for their female partners.


Men can also help to ensure a healthy pregnancy by taking care of their own health prior to conception.  It is well known that heavy alcohol and tobacco use, as well as drug use can affect fertility, but exposure to toxic chemicals at work or at home can hurt the reproductive systems of men as well.  If you and your female partner are considering having a baby, it would be prudent to avoid toxic chemical exposures by wearing protective clothing or a mask or finding a least toxic alternative.  


Non-ionizing radiofrequency (RF) radiation exposure from wireless devices has also come under scrutiny as the use of technology has become almost ubiquitous in our society.  It is generally accepted that proximity to a transmitting and receiving device, like a cell phone, presents the greatest risk for harm.  Men carrying their phones in their front pant’s pockets is very common today, as is holding a wireless laptop or tablet directly on their reproductive organs. Multiple studies show that the use of cell phones by men is associated with a decrease in their semen quality, including decrease in sperm count, motility and viability.


But there is good news!  Turning off your phone or placing it in airplane mode (which is almost radiation free, but the electrical components of the cellphone will still emit small amounts of radiation) before putting in into your pocket is, of course, the easiest thing to do. And several manufacturers are offering protective phone cases that shield RF radiation. You can also look for silver-lined underwear!  Cotton fabric is interwoven with threads of silver, which is the metal most commonly used to shield against radiation.

Lastly, RF waves may not be the only threat your cellphone poses to sperm.  It is a fact that the slightest increase in scrotal temperature can reduce sperm production, and anything that raises the temperature, like working with a laptop on your lap or having an activated cellphone in your front pocket, can reduce sperm viability and motility.  Keep cool! 

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